Pile load Test:

Pile load Test:

Load tests on piles are conducted on completion of 28 days after casting of piles. Two types of tests namely initial and routine tests, for each type of loading viz. vertical, horizontal (lateral) pull out, are performed on piles.

Initial Load Tests on Piles

This test is performed to confirm the design load calculations and to provide guidelines for setting up the limits of acceptance for routine tests. It also gives an idea of the suitability of the piling system. Initial Test on piles are to be carried out at one or more locations depending on the number of piles required.

Load applied for the initial (cyclic) load test is 2.5 times the safe carrying capacity of the pile. Loading for Initial Tests is conducted as per Appendix ‘A’ Clause 6.3 of IS-2911 Part IV.

Routine Load Tests on Piles

Selection of piles for the Routine Test is done based on number of piles required subject to maximum of  ½% of total number of piles required. The number of tests may be increased to 2% depending on the nature / type of structure. The test load applied is 1½ times the safe carrying capacity of the pile.

The Maintained load method as described in Clause 6.2 of IS-2911 (Part IV) – 1985 shall be followed for loading for the Routine Tests.

This test will be performed for the following purposes:

  1. a) To ensure the safe load capacity of piles
  2. b) Detection of any unusual performance contrary to the findings of the Initial Test.

The tests shall be performed at the cut-off level only. A detailed report for the test result is prepared

Vertical Load Tests on Piles

This test will be carried out as stipulated in IS-2911 (Part IV) 1995.

Fig: Horizontal load test on piles

Pull out Tests on Piles

A suitable set up shall be designed to provide an uplift force to the piles. The load increments and the consequent displacements shall be as per the case of a vertical load test.

Fig: Pull-out test on piles