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Sheltera Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is a “Resources Development Consortium” Established in 1998 by Mr. Naresh Kumar for pooling the Intellectual Resources of Top Professional; of different disciplines in the Country for the benefit of the society. Sheltera Consultants Pvt. Ltd has a vision to create an industry leading firm dedicated to providing integrated engineering solutions. The firms offer expertise in the field of structural design, Non Destructive Testing, Geo Technical Investigation & Project Management Services.

Over the last 18 years Sheltera Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has established its presence as one of the premium consultancy working with leading Government Organisation CPWD, PWD Delhi, PWD HP, Delhi Administration, Northern Railways, Bihar Police Building Construction Corporation, HAFED, ITI among many others Private organization like M/S Century Laminating Co. Ltd., Sudhir Genset Ltd., Jackson Power Ltd., Babar & Babar Associates, Robin Matharu & Architect etc…

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Resource development consortium a multi-disiplintary turnkey consultancy and construction managenment organization.

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