Contract And Construction Managment

SHELTERA Provides services for preparation of Pre-qualification Documents, Tenders & Contract Documents, Evaluation of tenders, Preparation of claims and Technical advice in arbitration cases. For construction projects, SHELTERA CONSULTANTS provides complete services from the pre-tendering stage to completion, including guidance throughout the contract to ensure successful timely completion of the work to optimize the project cost. Comprehensive Understanding of our client’s business and objectives translates into successful project management. Our Project Management and Construction services span the entire life cycle of a project to ensure that our clients can enjoy the SHELTERA approach throughout their projects. Project Management is part of our core service and is a result of our understanding of our client’s needs. We identify which configuration of our services will achieve our client’s required outcome. We then provide solutions to achieve these objectives, while also adding value and completing projects within budget. Our teams look beyond conventional PMC services by adding value at every step of the project and thereby enabling us to move ahead of our competition. Our value-adds are proposed as an advantage to both the developers and the future occupants of a project. The rich experience we have gained from successful projects that we have executed, constantly helps us to overcome complex issues in a project life-cycle. One of the unique advantages of hiring SHELTERA as the PM/CM is our ability to also conduct Design Peer Reviews through in-house capabilities from both our Design & Planning and Environmental Engineering Divisions.